Sebastian Rotella, Winner of the 2012 Urbino Press Award ~ “In my house the American dream is not a cliché”

| April 26, 2012

Sebastian Rotella, a Senior Reporter with ProPublica, an author, and a former reporter with the Los Angeles Times, is the winner of the Seventh Urbino Press Award. Rotella’s father, Salvatore Giuseppe Rotella, emigrated to the United States from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily in 1950.

Sebatian Rotella

Sebatian Rotella

The announcement was made this evening by Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero at a reception held at the Italian Embassy. In announcing the winner, Amb. Bisogniero noted that we must consider where we are today in the information age, and the new trend of online reporting that is unfiltered but at times raises questions of reliability. Against this backdrop, said

Bisogniero, the Urbino Press Award “recognizes excellence in journalism, awarded to American journalists whose daily engagement and commitment is to properly inform millions of people.” It was important to assign this year’s prize to an “investigative journalist committed to uncovering the facts and tracking relevant studies independently,” said Bisogniero. Read more..>>

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