May 23, 2024

The chef Fabio Trabocchi doesn’t have to work hard to get name recognition in Washington. Now he turns his attention to Spain at his new seafood-focused restaurant, Del Mar.

As at Mr. Trabocchi’s Italian spots, the ambience is packed and lively, and yet feels something like a mini-vacation: a bi-level nautical-themed space with an open kitchen, towering ceilings, large windows overlooking the water and hand-painted forest green tiled walls. You’ll want to linger a while and have an Earl Grey-infused gin and tonic — maybe two — at the glamorous circular bar, but soon enough the nearby seafood display of oysters and whole crustaceans flown in from Spain, New Zealand and other parts of the world will lure you to your table.

Source: Can an Italian Chef’s Success in D.C. Translate Into Spanish?