June 24, 2024

FBI Headquarters

On November 12, 2014,  Maria Falcone, the sister of  the late prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, and founder of the Falcone Foundation, visited  the FBI’s headquarter in Washington, along with Italian Justice Minister Andrea Orlando and Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero.  Following the visit, the FBI issued the following statement:

FBI Headquarters

Giovanni Falcone will always be remembered as a prosecutor who devoted his career to dismantling the Sicilian Mafia. It was a devotion that ultimately cost him his life—he was assassinated in a roadside bomb attack on May 23, 1992, near Palermo, Italy. But the Italian judge will also be forever remembered as a champion of the rule of law, one of the earliest advocates of international cooperation in the fight against organized crime, and a true friend of the FBI.

His sister, Maria Falcone, is committed to carrying on his work. She established the Falcone Foundation—an organization that promotes legal education and respect for the rule of law among young people—to encourage the youth of Italy to follow in her brother’s footsteps. And yesterday, Ms. Falcone and several Falcone Foundation participants met with FBI and Italian officials in the Judge Giovanni Falcone Gallery, which was dedicated last year at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The visit “honored the memory of a great man who helped forge a great partnership between the FBI and Italy while reminding us of the important work we continue together today,” said FBI Rome Legal Attaché Jason Fickett, who was there for the occasion.

As global law enforcement coordination becomes ever more imperative, the FBI remains dedicated to building upon the foundation of partnership and friendship exemplified by Judge Falcone. And we salute Ms. Falcone and her efforts to ensure that her brother’s legacy lives on.