April 14, 2024

Continuing the 89th years-old tradition, Lido Civic Club President Thomas Regnante, passed the gavel to newly elected President Vincenzo “Enzo” Fragomeni at the recent Lido Civic Club Past Presidents Night Gala.

Enzo, whose term begins on January 1, 2019, is a proud first generation Italian-American whose parents both emigrated from Italy. His father, Domenico, was from Segni, Provincia di Roma, Regione Lazio. His mother, Carmela, is from Oliveto Lucano, Provincia di Ma­ tera, Regione Basilicata. Enzo was born in Silver Spring, MD at Holy Cross hospital and baptized at Holy Rosary Church in Washington, DC. He lives in Rockville, Maryland with his loving, and very patient, wife Paula. They are the extremely proud parents of their 6 year-old son, Domenico Salvatore, and 1 year-old twins, Carmela Pina and Gianluca Michele.

Vincenzo Fragomeni accepts gavel from Thomas Regnante
Vincenzo Fragomeni accepts gavel from Thomas Regnante

Enzo has been a member of the Lido Civic Club since 2010, having served in various positions including Director of Public Affairs, Secretary, and Vice President. As a former recipient in 1995, he is most proud of the annual scholarships the Club awards to deserving Italian-American students pursuing college degrees. Having lost her husband when her only son was 2 years-old, Enzo’s mother Carmela was thank­ful for the consideration it showed her son; That consideration helped Enzo become the first in his family to go to college. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Loyola University, Maryland. Enzo also earned an MBA from the University of Maryland. He has held advisory positions with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo Advisors. He is currently a financial advisor with an independent firm in Rockville, MD advising over $750 million in corporate and non-profit employer­ sponsored retirement plans.

In accepting the gavel, Enzo said: “I am grateful, honored, and deeply humbled to have been chosen the next President of the Lido Civic Club of Washington, DC as it enters its 90th year in existence. I accept this honor on behalf of all of our Past Presidents, our Officers, Chairmen, Advisory Board, and current Club members that make this club truly remarkable. It is through their tireless efforts that I will succeed in my role. To Tom Regnante, a heart-felt thank you for the historical work you did as President of the Lido Civic Club. You truly set the standard. To my wife, Paula, thank you for everything that I am, everything that I have, and everything that I will become. None of it goes unappreciated, Lady Friend.”

Note: The Lido Civic Club has an 89-year history of promoting Italian-American heritage, providing college scholarships, supporting the teaching of the Italian Language, participating in the Wounded Warrior program and other worthy civic endeavors.

Photos courtesy of Clay Blackmore